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Assassin's Creed Valhalla: Dawn of Ragnarök - Fornama Dig Site

Here's another level I took part in on ACV: Dawn of Ragnarök. I came in at a later stage where I took the first art pass done by Alexandre Ribeiro and pushed it further, while also solving complex gameplay problems and needs. I also took significant part in debug and optimization.
I was responsible for the Level Art side of things, working with the terrain shapes and materials, creating the lava streams and lakes using our new procedural tools, creating multiple interiors, tons of propping and set dressing, communicating with the Level Design, Quest Design, Lighting art and Technical art teams on a daily basis to make sure the level stays playable, but also visually attractive to the player.
Special thanks to Emi Dimitrova for creating the procedural lava tools.

Art Direction: Eddie Bennun
Lead Art: Biser Parashkevov, Nikolay Peev
Lead Level Design: Alexander Stefanov
Initial Level Art pass: Alexandre Ribeiro
Level Design: David Milkov, Dragomir Ivanov
Quest Design: Plamen Partinov
Lighting Art: Caroline Boulay
Prop Art: Petar Zvezdanov (Ruins), Emi Dimitrova (lava and magma assets)
Texture Art: Tsvetelina Valkanova, Nikolay Bonev
Tech Art: Emi Dimitrova (lava tech), Ognyan Tsonkov (procedural ivy tech)

March 29, 2022