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Assassin's Creed Valhalla: Dawn of Ragnarök - Gapihus

Some of the work done on ACV: Dawn of Ragnarök. An incredible experience for me to be part of this ambitious project.
For this location I was the owner of the whole Level Art process, from taking the initial LD white box to the final polish, debugging and optimization.
Specifically worked on the terrain composition shapes and variety, populating with procedural foliage and rocks, creating some of the interior house prefabs to satisfy the gameplay and quest needs, set dressing with props to push the storytelling of a flooded and deserted village.

Art Direction: Eddie Bennun
Lead Art: Biser Parashkevov, Andrey Stefanov
Lead Level Design: Alexander Stefanov
Level Design: Mihail Dimitrov, Dragomir Ivanov
Quest Design: Svilen Chernev
Lighting Art: Nino Stoyanov
Prop Art: Petar Zvezdanov, Alexander Kranzov, Georgi Tumbev
Texture Artists: Tsvetelina Valkanova, Nikolay Bonev
Technical Art: Victor Ivanov, Ivaylo Pelov

March 29, 2022