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Assassin's Creed Valhalla: Dawn of Ragnarök - Sol-ok-Mani Vault

Sharing another super cool location that I had the privilege and huge pleasure to work on. For this one I came later and took over the Level art from Tsvetoslav Georgiev.
My role as a Level Artist was to take the existing art and adapt it to the new gameplay and quest needs, rework the stone and cave structures, add interesting visual moments, improve composition of the surroundings, add lava and more foliage, work with the terrain and ground materials, improve the visual storytelling, general polish on everything and finally, debug and optimize the area.
Big thanks to Emi Dimitrova for creating the lava tech.

Art Direction: Eddie Bennun
Lead Art: Biser Parashkevov
Lead Level Design: Alexander Stefanov
Initial Level Art pass: Tsvetoslav Georgiev
Level Design: Tsvetan Tsekov, Dragomir Ivanov, Danail Petrov
Quest Design: Martin Uzunov
Lighting Art: Guylaine Rheaume
Prop Art: Georgi Tumbev (big cliffs and karsts), Tsvetelina Valkanova (stone mural), Emi Dimitrova (lava and magma assets)
Texture Art: Tsvetelina Valkanova, Nikolay Bonev
Tech Art: Samuil Munis (optimization), Emi Dimitrova (lava tech)

March 29, 2022